Node.js Hosting with appfleet

The appfleet edge platform allows you to easily host your node.js services and projects in multiple regions globally.

Hosting node.js projects is very simple with appfleet

…especially if you need multiple global regions

And that’s not all

appfleet is a fully featured cloud platform

Custom health checks

Configure your own custom health checks per application and we will add them to our own internal checks that we continuously run to ensure your service is alive and well

All languages supported

Node.js, PHP, Golang, Java, Python, everything is supported, thanks to Docker containers. Don't let your technology of choice limit you.

Included HTTPS

For any web service we can automatically install and maintain a LetsEncrypt TLS certificate for free.

Better performance

By using multiple regions at the same time you can lower the latency and easily improve performance for your global audience

Public & private registries

Use any public or private container registry like Docker Cloud, Github Registries, Quay, Google Cloud and more

Console access

Assume direct control of your container by connecting directly to it by using our web console


We store and process the output and logs of all deployed applications for easier debugging.

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