Who we are and what do we do?

appfleet is a global edge platform for deploying and hosting containerized applications. Our flexible system allows our customers to easily deploy and globally scale applications and services of any kind. APIs, IoT, AI, Databases...

Our platform is not limited by serverless frameworks or technologies. appfleet is being built by industry experts who believe that globally distributed computing should be simple and accessible to everyone.

Meet the team behind appfleet

Learn more about the team that brought you appfleet, a powerful but simple cloud
platform to deploy containers on the edge

Dmitriy Akulov

Founder & CEO

Svetlana Akulova

Financial Operations Analyst

Chris Ueland


Aleksey Gorb

Senior Developer

Kyrylo Chyzhov

Frontend Developer

Martin Novak

Senior Developer

Jakub Drgoň


Andrei Samoilov

Senior Developer

Sudip Sengupta

Technical Writer & Editor

Nic Jablonski


We are a remote company

We are based in Krakow — but we are a remote company. The people we need, don't live in a single area code. We hire the right people wherever they happen to live. And we get together a lot!

Our investors

Meet the companies who are backing appfleet

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