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  • Technical support
  • Custom health-checks
  • SSL certificates
  • Cluster monitoring and metrics
  • 2 Team members
  • API access

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Frequently asked questions


What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard. On Business accounts we also support SWIFT and SEPA bank transfers.


What is ephemeral SSD storage?

It means that by default we do not guarantee the safety of any new data you create on your cluster. The underlying VMs running your code could be replaced at any moment for maintenance. When that happens your containers are safely migrated to new servers, but without any data created in any mounted volumes. Consider the local storage as a temporary cache.


Do you offer yearly plans?

We absolutely do, all custom plans have the option to pre-pay for a year upfront and receive a discount on the total amount. Contact our support to learn more.


Do I need to pay VAT?

Our prices are VAT exclusive. A purchase might be subject to VAT, depending on the country in which you’re set up as a business. If you are unsure, if VAT liability applies to you, please contact an accountant or legal advisor.


How to get persistent storage?

This feature is still under development. But once it goes live you will be able to mount an external persistent storage as a volume inside your container. We will then guarantee the safety of your data. Unlike the included free ephemeral storage this is priced per GB per month.


I was charged more than the declared monthly price, why?

The monthly price listed is the average over the period of a year. You are billed per hour, meaning during some months you will be billed less than the listed monthly price, and during some other months a bit more. The differences are very small and over a year even out.


I have an infrequently asked question.

Great! We're always around to help. You can email us any time at [email protected]

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