A simple Kubernetes alternative

Edge docker hosting made simple.

Deploy your edge app in a container close to your users. Globally routed. Billed per hour.

appfleet is an edge platform

We host your dynamic services globally closer to your users

Globally Load-Balanced

Host your service, site or application on multiple locations at the same time. Be closer to your users and improve your performance and uptime.

Any tech-stack

appfleet is a cloud-based container hosting platform that allows you to deploy your code in any language, framework or technology.

Serverless Containers

Run stateless and stateful containers on a fully managed globally distributed infrastructure. No servers or routing to manage.

How does appfleet work

Learn how to improve your performance and uptime while saving money on cloud and devops expenses


The appfleet network spans London, Frankfurt, Singapore, New York and San Francisco

152 ms

Traditional Clouds

Single location for all users to connect results in slowness and a single point of failure

23 ms

appfleet Global Cloud

Multiple locations of servers improve performance and uptime.

A Complete Container Hosting Platform

appfleet offers lots of powerful features packaged in a simple to use UI, complemented with detailed tutorials, guides and support for all customers

Any port and any protocol

Open any port via any protocol you wish and host any type of service you want. It could be a website, a DNS server, a video streaming service or anything else you want.

Global hosting

Instead of a single location you can host your code on all of our regions at the same time. We will handle the clustering, replication and global routing for you!

Global Redis Cache

Every application has free access to a globally geo-distributed Redis database for data caching and state synchronization. A local low latency Redis cache is also available.

High Availability

If you decide to use more than 1 server in a single region or more than 1 regions then in case of an outage we will automatically failover to ensure best possible uptime.

Github integration

Connect your repository and make appfleet part of your workflow. Trigger deployments and automate your pipeline.

Global traffic router

Our GLBS is handling all requests routing and ensures your users always hit the closest location to them while making sure your app is healthy for high availability.

DevOps made simple

appfleet doesn't end with your product's deployment

Custom health checks

Configure your own custom health checks per application and we will add them to our own internal checks that we continuously run to ensure your service is alive and well

All languages supported

Node.js, PHP, Golang, Java, Python, everything is supported, thanks to Docker containers. Don't let your technology of choice limit you.

Included HTTPS

For any web service we can automatically install and maintain a LetsEncrypt TLS certificate for free.

Better performance

By using multiple regions at the same time you can lower the latency and easily improve performance for your global audience

Public & private registries

Use any public or private container registry like Docker Cloud, Github Registries, Quay, Google Cloud and more

Console access

Assume direct control of your container by connecting directly to it by using our web console

File Cache

All nodes come with a locally mounted caching filesystem that persists between deployments for improved performance


We store and process the output and logs of all deployed applications for easier debugging.


All of your instances are constantly monitored. Get historic and real-time CPU, RAM and Disk usage.

Explore our edge locations

Our global network of 5 datacenters makes sure your services are always hosted close to your users, ensuring for them the best possible experience

network map

Host your containers on the edge

Deploy your docker container to multiple global regions simultaneously. Edge services made easy!

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