appfleet joins Cloudflare


Due to a great synergy between our products, I am happy to announce that Cloudflare and appfleet are joining forces!

The appfleet platform is shutting down, with all clusters going offline on October 31st 2021.

Long story:

When we started working on appfleet our goal was to build an infinitely scalable edge compute platform while still offering an affordable and simple to use service. We embarked on our journey completely bootstrapped, a team of three developers and a lot of freelancers.

A year later we released a production-ready edge compute system. I am very proud of the work we did. We took a complex technology and made it simple to use for everyone, while staying affordable and accessible even by the smallest users.

And the market saw that: we had rapid growth of deployed clusters, deployments of new code and the underlying global VMs running the clusters.

We were very happy and at the same time overwhelmed by the influx of new users, feedback and feature requests.

The venture capital firms (VCs) also noticed us. During some weeks I had multiple calls per day, every day, talking with different funds that were exploring the edge compute industry and really liked the idea of appfleet.

At the same time I was also working on migrating BootstrapCDN from the old infrastructure to the jsDelivr organization and a new CDN system.

Due to the huge size of BootstrapCDN I knew that only one CDN cared about the open source community enough to sponsor it for free — Cloudflare!

As we talked about the details of the new sponsorship, we touched upon the edge compute industry and the things we are doing with appfleet.

Cloudflare already has an incredible scale and made sure their Workers product was up to snuff. It’s an incredible service that allows anyone to run JS code globally in 200+ locations!

That’s a lot more than the five regions supported at appfleet.

Eventually we both saw that it made sense to join forces and continue working on this together to build the best edge compute platform out there.

At the end of the day the goal was to work with cool tech and build the perfect edge compute platform. And together with Cloudflare, this is something we are going to achieve while touching the lives of more developers and users than we ever could with appfleet.

So today I want to announce the incredible news that appfleet is going to join Cloudflare and continue building incredible tech, this time with access to the huge scale of Cloudflare and all of their available resources.

At the same time the appfleet platform is going to shut down with all clusters going offline on October 31st 2021. We will do our best to ensure zero downtime and will help all of our users to migrate away.

I am really excited about this and invite all of our users to explore Cloudflare Workers as an alternative to appfleet!

Dmitriy Akulov,

Founder of appfleet